Före resan

Before the trip

Iceland has opened up its borders. All travelers who have been vaccinated or those who have had Covid-19 and have antibodies can now travel to Iceland.

For our latest information please visit our page Travelling to Iceland.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have all the necessary documents to enter Iceland. Your passport must be valid for at least three months after you return to the UK, and the passport must be machine readable. Non UK passport holders should check the requirements for entry to Iceland.

When you are in Iceland it is good to be updated on weather, road conditions and other alerts. Icelandic authorities has a very good web site that we recommend you to check out while you are in Iceland. 

Read more on Safetravel.is: https://safetravel.is

We offer cancellation insurance if ill health occurs, and this requires a doctor’s certificate. The cost of the insurance is approx. £40 per person. The cancellation insurance can only be taken out at the time of booking, and should be paid at the same time as your first payment. The insurance is personal and cannot be refunded if the trip is cancelled. Cancellation should take place as soon as possible upon knowledge of non-ability to travel. With the insurance the full price of the trip will be refunded, apart from your excess of £50. This means that you as a traveler is protected against additional costs not stated above. This is valid when illness, accidents or deaths within your close family occurs.

A doctor’s certificate must clearly state the date of examination of the patient, results and diagnosis, that the illness is acute and that the illness or accidents is a serious obstacle for the traveler to make the trip. Cancellations must occur prior to departure of the trip. Cancellations that needs to be made after office hours (every day from 08.00 16.00) or on Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holidays should be emailed to([email protected]). Cancellations that arrive with Vulkan Travel after the departure time are not accepted. Travelers cannot cancel the trip if the doctor’s certificate does note state the illness to be acute. Doctor’s certificates must be with Vulkan Travel no more than 7 days after cancellation, or they will not be considered.

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