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Latest information regarding the Coronavirus Iceland

Last updated: 9th of July

Iceland open up for tourism on June 15th 2020

It can almost be considered as risk-free to visit Iceland as the numbers of infected are almost down to zero. (19 people are infected and held in quarantine). From June 15th tourists visiting Iceland can choose to get tested for the coronavirus upon arrival or quarantine for two weeks. Passengers will on arrival be charged ISK 11.000 for a single test. The test only costs ISK 9000 if you pay for it at least one day in advance. Childen born in 2005 or later are exempt from both testing and quarantine.

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Coronavirus about to 'peter out' - now only 19 infected in Iceland

Iceland is one of the safest destinations in the world today with barely any new Covid-19 cases. As of now, only 19 people are held in quarantine since tested positive for Covid-19. Over 15% of the Icelandic population has been tested already, and aggressive scale testing on the general population is still ongoing.

The Icelandic authorities have adopted a number of preventive measures to limit the spread of coronavirus in the country. Iceland is also a country that has good preparedness for dealing with crises, and is now mentioned as an example in international press for their handling of the corona virus. The Icelandic government has now presented a plan to begin dismantling the restrictions introduced starting 4th of May. For example, the limit for permitted gatherings is increased from 20 to 50 people. There are no restrictions placed on travel to Iceland as tourists are highly unlikely to come into contact with vulnerable groups.

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Experience Iceland in 2020 like never before

Now you have a unique opportunity to enjoy Icelands fantastic nature - almost for yourself. The Icelandic authorities expect 90% fewer tourists compared to 2019, which makes this a special year for visitors.