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Iceland and Covid-19

Last updated: 14th of September

Iceland is open but visitors have to take two tests

Iceland is already open to residents and nationals of EEA and EFTA states, including the UK and the microstates of Andorra, Monaco, San Marino and the Vatican City. It can almost be considered as risk-free to visit Iceland as the numbers of infected are almost down to zero. (19 people are infected and held in quarantine). From June 15th tourists visiting Iceland can choose to get tested for the coronavirus upon arrival or quarantine for two weeks. Passengers will on arrival be charged ISK 11.000 for a single test. The test only costs ISK 9000 if you pay for it at least one day in advance. Childen born in 2005 or later are exempt from both testing and quarantine.

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Coronavirus in Iceland - now only 63 infected

The Infection rate in Iceland remains low despite extensive testing and now only 63 people are kept in isolation since they tested positive for covid-19.
On July 30th, the Icelandic authorities introduced preventive measures that apply for the next 2 weeks. Among other things, it is now mandatory to wear a mask on buses and there is a limitation of crowds of a maximum of 100 people.

Iceland is a country that is well prepared to handle crises, and is now mentioned as a role model in the international press for its handling of reducing the spread of the coronavirus.

In hospital: 1
Intensive care: 0
Infected: 63


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