Family enjoying Icelands glacier.

Iceland family holidays 2024

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Horse-riding is fun for kids, Iceland.

About our family holidays to Iceland

We have designed our Iceland family holidays with active families seeking adventure, sightseeing, outdoor activities, and quality bonding time in mind. We want you, even your family’s youngest members, to participate in the holiday excitement.

We understand that planning a family holiday can be a daunting task. That’s why our holiday packages take the stress out of the process. We book the flights, transfers, accommodation, and optional activities. We’ll also send you a detailed itinerary with the essential information about your trip. 

Customise your family trip

We also understand that every family is different. That’s why you can customise our family holiday packages to suit your preferences:

  • Accommodation options: Stay in apart-hotels, family farms, rural or 4-star hotels. 
  • Car: Pick the vehicle that suits your size, budget, and needs.
  • Activities: Add optional activities like horse riding, Blue Lagoon, or a whale safari. 

*Some tours may require a minimum age.

Bicycling in family, Iceland.

What is an Iceland family holiday?

An Iceland family holiday combines adventure, natural and cultural exploration, and learning, making it a memorable and enriching experience for families of all sizes. 

In Iceland, you and your family will experience a ton of fantastic things together, for instance:

Natural wonders with kids in Iceland.

Natural wonders

Take your kids on a waterfall hunt, ice cave expeditions, geothermal spring hikes, and glacier investigation. When exploring Icelandic wonders by playing with your children, you’ll see Iceland’s wonders through their eyes. It is so much fun! We bet your kids will discover hidden details that you miss.

Northern Lights hunt with family in Iceland.

Northern Lights hunting

Your kids will remember the northern lights chasing in Iceland forever. Dress warmly and bring a thermos filled with hot chocolate to keep you all warm. Since there’s no guarantee of witnessing the northern lights, our top tip is to prepare your children for the possibility of waiting for the lights to appear. Delve into the natural wonder of the aurora borealis with your children before embarking on your journey to Iceland.

Children looking at a glacier in Iceland.

Glacier adventures

Combining a thrilling snowmobiling tour, a glacier and the untamed beauty of Iceland’s wilderness, you have the perfect educational experience for your children! Observing the effects of climate change on Iceland’s glaciers can develop environmental consciousness in young minds.

Sky Lagoon in Iceland.

Geothermal relaxation

You can find a geothermal pool in almost every village: big, small, artificial or natural. These geothermal pools are ideal for initiating conversations if you want to connect with locals. If you can manage a few sentences in Icelandic, the experience will be even more enjoyable.

Whale watching in family in Iceland.

Whale watching

To get you all excited about the whale watching experience, stop by the Whales of Iceland museum to learn more about these creatures before the tour. It will be so much more fun if you have some basic whale knowledge. Ask questions to the crew and bring binoculars for your kids so they can actively participate in spotting the whales.

Icelandic horse in Iceland.

Icelandic horse riding  

Horse riding in Iceland is suitable for all levels. And it’s a great activity to enjoy with kids. The Icelandic horse is known for its mild temperament. Take your children on horse riding through scenic trails and see the wonders of Iceland’s countryside firsthand.

Gullfoss waterfall, Iceland.

Golden Circle

Going on a Golden Circle tour allows young explorers to delve into the geothermal wonders of erupting geysers, diverging tectonic plates and thundering waterfalls like Gullfoss. To make the tour even more exciting, give them a disposable camera or a smartphone with a list of things or places they need to photograph during the tour. Offer a reward for the best photo. 

Skaftafell in Icleland.

The ultimate theme park for families

Imagine your children’s look on their faces standing on top of a volcano, bathing in a geothermal spring, watching wild Icelandic horses roam freely, or witnessing the incredible power of geysers in action. These adventures are not only thrilling but also educational, allowing your children to connect with nature in a meaningful way. Wherever you go during your family holiday in Iceland, your children will be intrigued by what they see and experience.

6 benefits of a Family holiday

Memories icon

Shared memories

Going on family holidays to Iceland allows you to make memories and strengthen family bonds.

Brain Icon

New knowledge 

Kids learn best by doing and through experience.

Eye Icon


Family holidays are a great way to open children's understanding of the world around them.

Enjoy Icon

New experiences 

Family holidays allow you to explore new things and live new experiences together.

Family Icon

Time for family fun

Time away from day-to-day life will give you more time to reconnect and hang out with your children. 

Elves Icon

Triggered fantasy

Taking your children on a family holiday to Iceland is like exposing them to a fantasy land of Vikings, elves, and mystery.