Family holidays in Iceland: Boy and a girl holding hands on a summer family holiday to Myvatn, northern Iceland.

Family holidays to Iceland 2022

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For the active family

Iceland is a country full of adventures and activities that will guarantee fun for both the little ones and the adults. Imagine standing on top of a volcano or immersing yourselves in a geothermal pool while you gaze at the midnight sun with your family. You are blown away by Iceland's unique beauty and magic. Here you all will enjoy the most authentic theme park: nature. Your kids will be fascinated by glaciers, lava fields, lunar landscapes, wild horses, whales, volcanoes, hot springs, waterfalls, geysers, and not to forget, the midnight sun or the northern lights. 
Surprise your family with an Icelandic horseback ride, a whale-watching boat trip in the sea, or take them on an biking tour on a lava field. The possibilities for a memorable family holiday in Iceland are endless. There is so much to see and explore, so there is no risk of your kids getting bored! Furthermore, Iceland is a very safe country and fully prepared for families.

Horse-riding is fun for kids, Iceland.

What is a Family Holiday?

Family holidays are seen as breaks away from hectic daily lives. They can be a respite from stress and chores, giving time for recovery, and rest with your family. We have designed our family holidays to Iceland with families in mind. They typically include flights, transfers, hotels, and flexible itineraries with visits to Iceland's most famous attractions. All our tours are customizable, so you can add extra nights and optional activities if you wish. 
During your family holiday to Iceland, you can stay at lovely family farms, rural houses, family friendly-hotels, or rural hotels, all with breakfast included. You can choose between shared or private facilities. 
Add child-friendly activities to the itinerary: horse riding, whale safari, puffin watching, sightseeing, trekking, easy glacier walks, waterfall hunt, caving, geothermal bath, super jeep adventure, among others, and we guarantee that your children will have big fun. Just keep in mind that some tours and adventure activities have minimum age limits.  The great thing about visiting Iceland with children is that so many attractions offer free or discounted prices for younger children. 

Bicycling in family, Iceland.


6 benefits of a Family holiday

Memories icon

Shared memories
Going on family holidays to Iceland allows you to make memories and strengthen family bonds.

Brain Icon

New knowledge
Kids learn best by doing and through experience.

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Family holidays are a great way to open children's understanding of the world around them.

Enjoy Icon

New experiences 
Family holidays allow you to explore new things and live new experiences together.

Family Icon

Time for family fun
Time away from day-to-day life will give you more time to reconnect and hang out with your children. 

Elves Icon

Triggered fantasy
Taking your children on a family holiday to Iceland is like exposing them to a fantasy land of Vikings, elves, and mystery.