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Since 1997, we have had the privilege of arranging trips to Iceland for more than 100,000 travellers. Below you can read what our travellers think about their trip. You will find more reviews on the package tour, the hotel or the excursion. We hope it is helpful when choosing your trip to Iceland.


Iceland Full Circle - February 2023

Our visit to Iceland was amazing from start to finish. From picking up our vehicle at the airport to checking out of our final hotel everyone we dealt with was so helpful and kind and made it a pleasure. The scenery in Iceland is awesome and even the constant extreme changes in weather just made it better. Getting to see the Northern Lights while staying at Myvatn was the icing on the cake. I can honestly say that our trip exceeded our expectations and we are already thinking off returning, although in the summer months so we can see it again from a whole new perspective.

Lisa & Simon, 23/02/2023
Iceland Full Circle, 7-8 n » 

Amazing trip to Iceland

Just come back from my 7days-trip to Iceland organized by Vulkan and I couldn't ask for more! Everything has been planned amazingly and communication with the agency has been quick and efficient. The daily trips were absolutely fantastic! Defo I would use and recommend this agency again!

Cecilia Russello, 23/02/2023
South coast and Reykjavík, 5-7 n » 

Gullfoss in winter.


Winter wonderland

Our first visit to Iceland did not disappoint. Snow covered in winter added hugely to the trip as we never ceased to be amazed by the majesty if the scenery. A DIY trip around the Golden Circle was straightforward in our 4 wheel drive rental car. This is a must short break for anyone with a sense of adventure and a love of nature.

Roderick Ian Wark, 20/02/2023
Iceland city break with rental car, 4-5 n » 

Icelandic adventure

We have just returned from 10 Nights in this amazing country- would highly recommend. Only a couple of the accommodations didn’t quite live up to our expectations sadly, but that aside wonderful experience.

Matthew John Raby, 01/11/2022
Iceland Full Circle with Northern Lights, 7 n » 

Iceland was incredible

Myself and my son had an amazing time, we were lucky enough to see the lights, all the experiences were brilliant, the pick up and drop offs were easy, accommodation was perfect and very central allowing us to easily walk to the places we wanted to see in Reykjavik, would love to come back and have already recommended Iceland and this company to friends and family.

Jodie, 28/10/2022
Classic weekend, 2-5 n » 

Bath at Sky Lagoon Iceland.


We had a great time

Our days were full of activities, but we also had time to go sightseeing in Reykjavik. I would recommend Iceland to everyone.

James Knight, 02/10/2022
Southern Iceland and Reykjavík, 6-7n » 

Excellent trip!

An excellent tour of southern Iceland. Hotel locations were perfect and the hotels were very good. Itinerary covered all main attractions and left space to tailor to your own wants.

Simon James, 13/09/2022
Southern Iceland, 4-5n » 

South Coast and Reykjavik

Wonderful place to visit! Stunning scenery and spectacular sights.

Richard, 12/08/2022
South Coast and Reykjavik, 5-7n » 

Icelandic horses.



We had a fantastic week. Flights were great, even had films which is a bonus for short haul. Hotel lovely and clean, food amazing. The trips we booked were amazing and had plenty of time to see everything, inrushes which is always a good thing. This place has so many fabulous things to see and they do take your breath away. The only negative is , it is very expensive, but if you are prepared, it’s not such a shock. I would definitely recommend going. It’s one ticked off our bucket list, but will definitely return.

Debben, 23/08/2022
South Coast and Reykjavik, 5-7n » 


Traveling around Iceland with a rental car became a memory for life. No hassle anywhere, neatly that everything was booked and prepaid. The itinerary with suggestions for attractions was very good to have in the car. We had prepared the favorite list in Waze and had a mobile holder with a suction cup, so navigation was easy, just to push the next favorite when we had visited a place. It would have been a lot of work (too much) to plan and book this trip on your own, great to get everything served. We also appreciated the communication with and the information from Vulkanresor, despite an ongoing pandemic, we felt confident that everything would work once we got going.

The Jansson family, 01/08/2020
Iceland Full Circle » 


We are soooo happy with just about everything! Iceland is in the top 5 of our coolest destinations. Absolutely the best was the super jeep trip to western Iceland (the planned route did not work due to closed roads), where we had a fantastic guide who took us up on a glacier - unforgettable! Everything else was also 10 points - the Blue Lagoon, geysers, waterfalls, the food (!!!), Reykjavik as a city, the people, the hotel, yes, EVERYTHING!

Pia, 12/03/2020
Tailor-made holiday » 

Blue Lagoon, Iceland.


This was the best spa package we have experienced. Skilled masseurs and the spa facility was smashing we will be back. Blue Lagoon is a great place. The staff took care of us in the best possible way. We were snowed in there for about 3 hours but only felt like an hour. They did that bit extra, offered ice cream and updated us on the situation. Then they made sure that everyone got off to their destinations, whether you got on your bus or their buses. Very good.

The Ganz family,  3/03/2020
Reykjavik spa weekend »


For those who want to experience something out of the ordinary as we did, this is a trip you really should have on your bucket list! We can check it out now but it was still not our last visit to Iceland.

Isabel 27/02/2020
Classic weekend »


Would recommend a trip to Iceland to anyone who wants an extraordinary experience. The coolest part of the trip was the Blue lagoon (evening) and a ride on Icelandic horses. Could not have wished for more of this trip. The food was also good, with cozy cafes and restaurants.

Elaine, 16/02/2020
Classic weekend »



Thank you for a fantastic trip! We are more than happy and will remember this journey for life. Everything with flights, rental car, and hotels went as smoothly as possible. Being able to stay both in the countryside and in Reykjavik was fantastic. We got to experience Iceland in its most beautiful radiance and we fell in love with this island. Thank you!

Isabelle, 27/09/2019
Icelandic weekend with rental car »


Iceland is magical, wild and beautiful! We have seen and experienced so much. Waterfalls, boiling water holes, geysers, riding Icelandic horses, swimming in the Blue Lagoon and experiencing dolphins and humpback whales up close. We are glad we booked 5 nights, fewer had been too little.

Karin, 13/09/2019
Iceland with Children »


I think the trip provides fantastic nature experiences. It would have been difficult to know for yourself exactly what you wanted to do. Thanks to Vulkan Travel´s planning, we have seen so much in a short time. We would really recommend traveling with Vulkanresor.

Berit V, 13/09/2019
Classic South Coast & Reykjavik »

Icelandic horses in Iceland.


A perfect way to experience the different parts of the country and at the same time to meet ordinary and always friendly and caring Icelanders. The Icelandic guesthouse culture was particularly interesting to get in touch with.

Cliff, 11/09/2019
Iceland Full Circle »


An incredibly beautiful and exciting island. Fantastic views with beautiful waterfalls, smoking mountains etc. Lots of sheep and horses. Nice accommodation along the itinerary and great food. Starts and ends in Reykjavik, a nice city with nice inhabitants. A great trip that is highly recommended!

Elisabeth, 28/08/2019
Iceland Full Circle »


We had ten nice days in June / July 2019 with lots of nature experiences in all types of weather. The travel and directions were detailed and easy to follow, and there was time left over every day for your own activities or detours. With a few exceptions, we stayed very well and everything worked fine in the hotels/accommodations. Before the trip, we received documents that well described what awaited both the itinerary and our accommodation. Remember to bring clothes for all kinds of weather, which just like many describe, can change very quickly. We experienced snowstorms, strong winds, and quiet moments in the sun. Can highly recommend this trip!

Agneta, 08/07/2019
Iceland full circle with snaefellsnes »

Reykjadalur Iceland.


A fun and good travel package with many nice and interesting places and experiences that you will never forget. Good guided tours and reasonably long stops. Would love to come back and see more places. The Icelanders are nice people who are very helpful to lost tourists.

Kim and Marie, 05/13/2018
Classic weekend »


We finally set off on my husband's dream trip to celebrate his 40th birthday. Through Vulkanresor I was able to book EVERYTHING flights, transfers, excursions, hotels. So comfortable and so amazingly good it turned out !! I who otherwise have control needs and want to book everything myself could calmly sit back and leave the job to the professionals, and what a dream trip we had!

Katharina, 21/13/2018
Tailor-made trip to Iceland »


We are very happy with everything from well-organized excursions with nice buses to fantastic guidance and precision in terms of pick-up times for all activities. When we were 10 in the ages 6 to 72, it was nice to get help from the hotel in terms of pick-up information and other info that was very helpful for us to have a good stay. The fantastic nature came into its own when everything was so well organized. We created a memory for life.

Anna, 05/04/2018
Tailor-made trip to Iceland »

Jökulsarlon, Iceland.


Everything worked perfectly both before and during the trip. Everything was well planned and very nice! Now we want to return to Iceland soon!

Sus, 16/04/2018
Classic weekend »


A different experience-rich destination. We are completely satisfied with Vulkanresor who could give good advice and arranged so that the trip for me and the family was as optimal and good as possible. Highly recommended!

Carina, 09/05/2018
Classic weekend »


Very nice welcome from Vulkanresor who helped me plan my dream trip. Everything worked perfectly and it contributed to one of the best travel experiences I have ever had.

Manita, 15/05/2018
Flight and hotels »

Hot spring bathing in Iceland.


It has been our dream destination for so long and finally, it was time to make the dream come true. When we saw an ad from Vulkanresor we called and talked to a very knowledgeable person so we decided to book. Our days in Iceland were just as exciting, adventurous, and varied as we had hoped for. There were many magical and fabulous experiences in a very different country, where the forces of nature were always extremely tangible. We are grateful for all the tips and ideas we received from Vulkanresor, which also helped us save time that we could use for more important things! It was extremely nice to have pre-booked accommodation so that after the well-filled days you could just drive straight and throw yourself into a comfortable bed ...

Liselotte, 24/05/2018
Southern Iceland »


Very well-organized trip and very affordable. In all the places we slept, the staff were very nice and very helpful. Most accommodations were cozy and homely. Apart from the trip itself, all the nature experiences were fantastic.

Lena and Kaj 14/06/2018
Iceland Full Circle »


The fifth time I was in Iceland. Twice by car and boat and three times with Vulkan Travel. All the time driving around the island with its varied and exciting nature and nice people.

Inger 19/06/2018
Iceland Full Circle »

South Iceland.


There is so much to do and see in Iceland. Want to go back fast. Explore and enjoy nature, a ride on fine Icelandic horses, discover Reykavik with interesting museums and fantastic good food and nice Icelanders. See you soon again!

Agneta 23/06/2018
Flights and hotels »


Has worked for over 20 years in the hospitality industry and have never been to a place where logistics works so well! Super!

Johanna, 02/07/2018
Tailor-made trip to Iceland »


A fantastic experience. Incredibly beautiful nature with great experiences. Everything worked perfectly, never experienced that before.

Rosie, 05/08/2018
Classic weekend »