Northern lights in Iceland

Winter holidays to Iceland

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6 reasons why you should visit Iceland in the winter

ikon snowflake

The snow
The snow completely transforms the entire country and wraps the landscapes in a white silence with the only sound of the snow crunching under your feet.

Ikon sunset

The light 
Winter has the most beautiful light for photography, as the sun is so low on the horizon, creating a soft and golden light.

Ikon northern lights

Northern lights
Winter gives you longer nights for hunting the northern lights. The snow will reflect the Northern lights, illuminating up the entire scene making it magic.

Ikon hat

It is less cold than you think
Dress in layers and wear appropriate footwear and you will be safe!

Ikon happy face

Fewer tourists
There are fewer tourists in Iceland during winter. You might be lucky to have more places for yourself!

Icon price tag

Winter in Iceland falls within the low season, so you´ll get much better prices on accommodation and car rentals.