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Summer holidays to Iceland

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6 reasons why you should visit Iceland in summer

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Warmer days
While it rarely gets warmer than 20°C in summer, summers in Iceland are moderately mild and relatively dry.

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Longer days
The days are long (+21 hours), and you can do much more sightseeing, activities, and exploring than in other seasons.

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The midnight sun
This unique natural phenomenon makes summertime in Iceland remarkable as the golden light adds an extra dimension to the landscapes and the nature around you.

Ikone F roads

Mountain roads are open
All roads are open and you can explore Iceland in its entirety, even the west fjords, and the highlands.

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Easier access to off-the-beaten places
During the summer months you can easier access the Icelandic wonders that are off-the-beaten-track.

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Endless hiking trails
During summer you will have many more hiking trails to choose from than in other seasons. As a bonus, you can hike at night also!