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2 hours Fr. £ 115

We welcome you on an adventurous whale watching experience with RIB boat.

Our 12-meter-long boat allows us to get very close to the animals in a way that’s extra safe for both our passengers and the whales. On the way out to the whale watching area, we will stop by the puffin island Akurey to catch a glimpse of these adorable seabirds that live around the coast of Iceland during their nesting season. When we head out into the bay, it’s a fast, thrilling ride with the wind in your hair – we have a comfortable cruising speed of 32 knots so we have plenty of time out in the whales’ feeding grounds. And then on the way back to the harbor, we take a scenic route along the coast of Reykjavík, a perfect photo opportunity!

The RIB boat is equipped with suspension seating, or “shock seats”, for extra safety and comfort while on board. These shock seats are scientifically proven to provide a more cushioned ride than any other type of seats, meaning a much more comfortable ride than other companies’ RIBs with stationary seats, even in choppier seas.

To keep our passengers cozy and safe, we provide everyone with warm flotation suits, lifevests, gloves, and goggles. On every tour we have an experienced guide who will provide information about the animals and the bay. Just don’t forget your camera!

Package includes


  • Guided boat tour
  • Warm overalls, lifevests, gloves and goggles
  • A visit to the Puffin Island (Summertime only)


  • Pickup in Reykjavik


  • Period : 15th of April - 31st of October
  • Length : 2 hours
  • Requirements : At least 130 cm tall.
  • Minimum age : 10 years
  • Difficulty : Suitable for everybody
  • Product code : T07
  • Other : The tour can be cancelled if the weather conditions are too bad. In case of cancellation you can choose a new ticket for another departure or a refund for the tour.


  • We recommend warm clothes, good footwear, hats and gloves. Don't forget your camera!