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Geothermal Helicopter Tour

1 hour Fr. £ 301

Iceland’s subterranean energy is revealed from the air as we tour across Iceland’s volcanic landscape.

Our journey takes us over geothermal hot springs, colorful mountain ranges, power plants, lava fields and craters. We land far away from the crowds and make a brief stop to witness the raw, primeval energy rising up from the earth beneath us. Finally our flight path concludes with a flyover of Reykjavik to give us an aerial overview of the city.

Package includes


  • Guided helicopter tour.


  • Period : All year, daily.
  • Length : 1 hour (40 minutes flight).
  • Requirements : No previous experience required.
  • Difficulty : Suitable for everyone.
  • Product code : M02.
  • Other : You must get to Reykjavik domestic airport on your own.


  • In winter we recommend warm clothing, hat, gloves and comfortable shoes. Bring sunglasses all year round.