Hotels, apartment hotels and guesthouses in Iceland

Reykjavík and the rest of Iceland offer a good range of hotels, apartment hotels, hostels and homely B&Bs. We work with the hotels directly, cutting out any intermediaries. This means we can offer competitive prices for the whole range of accommodation from reasonably priced B&Bs, apartments and hostels, to the best hotels in Iceland.


Why book you accommodation with us?

Our prices – no intermediaries = competitive prices.
This applies for the whole range of accommodation, from reasonable B&Bs to the best hotels.

Competitive prices
Due to our direct collaboration with hotels, hostels, B&Bs and apartment provides, we can offer extremely competitive prices.

Our selection of accommodation providers
In the menu on the left, choose area to view the whole range of hotels, apartments, B&Bs and hostels in Iceland that we have chosen to work with. All our accommodation providers meet our high criteria, which we base on: Customer satisfaction, value for money and a wide selection to suit anyone visiting Iceland.

Customer ratings
Customer ratings show the average guest satisfaction level from the Tripadvisor homepage. Tripadvisor is independent and don`t sell accommodation on their page. In our description of each hotel you can find a link to Tripadvisor where you can look closely at customer satisfaction.

Correct information
We try to give a correct description of each hotel room, so that our guests can make an informed choice that will meet their expectation upon arrival. Our range of hotels is arranged as per hotel classification and Tripadvisor rating. We have further tried to describe the hotels as accurately as possible from our own observations.

Hotel Classification
We follow the Icelandic classification of hotels, but in some obvious cases we have chosen to give certain hotels a lower classification.

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