Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions set out the terms on which you contract with Vulkan Travel. Please contact us if you have any requirements which are fundamental to your holiday so that we can give you the latest information at the time of booking.

1. Booking

Booking via our website

Most of our trips can be booked on line through our website. You immediately get a price and availability on these trips.

  • A price and availability search for a package always shows best possible price for the package or product at the time.

  • The booking can be paid by invoice and bank transfer or by credit/debit card.

  • After the booking has been made we send a confirmation email to you.

  • If mistakes occur within the booking, you can always make changes or cancel by contacting, us within the next working day.

  • You must be at least 18 years of age to make a booking.

Booking via our travel consultants

Our consultants have Iceland as a specialty. They are brilliant at putting together a suitable itinerary at a good price. They can also help you tailor make a special itinerary for a family or a group. You are always welcome to contact us!

When is the booking binding?

A booking becomes binding when the booking deposit is paid, or if you are paying by debit/credit card, your booking becomes binding the next working day. Please be aware that the booking deposit should be paid immediately, at the latest one day after making the booking. If payment has not been made within that time, Vulkan Travel reserves the right to cancel your booking.

Spelling of names – use your passport

Airlines do not permit the changing of either first or sir names. The rules are very strict on this, and also apply to misspelt names. Some airlines permit a name change for a fee, which varies. Please check the spelling of names twice to make sure they are correct. The name on the ticket must correspond to the name in your passport, or you risk being refused boarding at check-in.

When do the tickets arrive?

After final payment has been made your travel documents will be sent to you. Our goal is that travelers should have their travel documents 14 days prior to departure.

2. Payment

Payment – bank transfer

When paying for your booking by invoice 30% of the total amount is payable no more than 24 hours after booking (cancellation deposit). The remaining 70% of the total amount is payable a minimum of 30 days prior to departure. If a booking occurs less than 30 days before departure, the full amount is payable upon making the booking. Payment is made by bank transfer to account number 40-48-65 62778000.

Please note! Your booking only becomes active upon payment of your deposit. If this payment is not made in time, Vulkan Travel reserves the right to cancel your booking.

Payment – debit/credit card

When paying your booking by card, 30% of the total amount is payable upon booking your trip (cancellation deposit). The remaining 70% of the total amount is payable a minimum of 30 days prior to departure. The final payment is facilitated by a direct link in the confirmation email you will receive from us. If a booking occurs less than 30 days before departure the total amount is due upon making the booking. The final payment is facilitated by a direct link in the confirmation email you will receive from us.

Please note! That your booking only becomes active upon payment of your deposit. If this payment is not made in time, Vulkan Travel reserves the right to cancel your booking.

3. Passport and other Essential Documentation

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have all the necessary documents to enter Iceland. Your passport must be valid for at least three months after you return to the UK, and the passport must be machine readable. Non UK passport holders should check the requirements for entry to Iceland.

Useful links:

Foreign & Commonwealth Office Travel Advice.
Staying safe and healthy abroad
Travel advice Iceland

4. How does travel insurance work?

Travel insurance is not included in the price. We do not offer travel insurance; please contact an insurance company individually for this.  Please bring your insurance certificates.

5. Changes by the customer

Travelers can make changes to hotel, excursions and similar if it is possible.  Changes in the booking that entail change of departure date based on the presumption that the airline accept changes and that the trip can still go ahead. A fee of £30 is payable per change made, in addition to any extra costs from the sub supplier.

6. Excursions

Vulkan Travel is only responsible for excursions and activities sold by us. Please note that should you wish to cancel or change excursions during your time in Iceland contact us or the excursion supplier as soon as possible. If a tour has to be cancelled due to weather reasons please contact the supplier to see if the tour can be re-scheduled for another day or another tour can be arranged.

7. Travel Delay

Should delays due to weather occur and disrupt your itinerary, additional costs may be incurred and these would be the responsibility of the client. Unfortunately Vulkan Travel is not in a position to offer you any assistance in the event of a delay at your outward or homeward departure, however you will be assisted by the airlines in accordance with their policies on delays.

8. Cancellation by the traveller

If you need to cancel your trip, please let us know as soon as possible. You may cancel the trip before departure according to the following terms: Upon cancellation 16 days prior to departure, all moneys apart from the deposit will be repaid. Upon cancellation less than 15 days prior to departure, or if the client fails to depart on the trip, the full price of the trip is payable. Please note! Insurance fees and non-refundable air tickets will be charged at 100%. The other holiday charges will be charged for as below.

Cancellation fee  - Holidays
More than 15 days prior to departure: Deposit
15-0 days prior to departure: 100% of holiday cost

Cancellation fee – Separate booking of rental car, excursion or hotell

Time of cancellations                                  Rental car                                        Excursion

More than 15 days prior to departure:      £15 per rental car                               £15 per product

15 days-48h prior to departure:                £ 25 per rental car                              £ 25 per product

Less the 48 h prior to departure:               100% of the booking price                  £ 100% of the booking price  

Note: The cost of non-refundable hotel rooms will not be refunded regardless of cancellation date.

9. Cancellations insurance for ill health

We offer cancellation insurance if ill health occurs, and this requires a doctor’s certificate. The cost of the insurance is approx. £40 per person. The cancellation insurance can only be taken out at the time of booking, and should be paid at the same time as your first payment. The insurance is personal and cannot be refunded if the trip is cancelled. Cancellation should take place as soon as possible upon knowledge of non-ability to travel. With the insurance the full price of the trip will be refunded, apart from your excess of £50. This means that you as a traveler is protected against additional costs not stated above. This is valid when illness, accidents or deaths within your close family occurs.


10. Upon cancellations

A doctor’s certificate must clearly state the date of examination of the patient, results and diagnosis, that the illness is acute and that the illness or accidents is a serious obstacle for the traveler to make the trip. Cancellations must occur prior to departure of the trip. Cancellations that needs to be made after office hours (every day from 08.00 16.00) or on Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holidays should be emailed to info(a)vulkantravel.co.uk. Cancellations that arrive with Vulkan Travel after the departure time are not accepted. Travelers cannot cancel the trip if the doctor’s certificate does note state the illness to be acute. Doctor’s certificates must be with Vulkan Travel no more than 7 days after cancellation, or they will not be considered.

11. Cancellation by Vulkan Travel

We will only cancel your trip or alter it if forced to, and we will inform as soon as possible.Vulkan Travel reserves the right cancel or alter the tri if:

  1. The number of travellers on a trip is below the required number, minimum 10 travellers. Cancellation must be done more the 30 days prior to departure.

  1. Unpredictable circumstances occur that are unforeseeable by the tour operator at the time the booking becomes binding, for example war, natural disasters, epidemics, labour conflicts and similar ”force majeure”.

  1. Circumstances at the destination demand that the trip is cancelled. The tour operator must inform the client/traveller about the cancellation immediately. When a trip is cancelled the client/traveller has a right to full repayment. Above and beyond this the client/traveller cannot make further demands. When necessary, the tour operator reserves the right to terminate or change the trip after it has commenced/started and move a return date forward. In such cases the client/traveller has the right to repayment of an amount equivalent to the price of the days the client/traveller missed out on.

12. Change of itinerary

Most changes are minor, these include change of airline or aircraft, change of the accommodation flight time change of less than 12 hours, change of London or local airport, transport change and changes to supplementary arrangements for example excursions. If a change occurs, we will inform you as soon as possible.

Vulkan Travel reserves the right to offer reversed itineraries or change accommodation at short notice, depending on availability. Please note we do not control the day to day management of your accommodation and in exceptional cases it is possible that we may be advised that the reserved accommodation has been overbooked. If a tour or a leg of the trip needs to be cancelled or altered because of our supplier’s cancellation we will offer a similar trip or similar accommodation. If an inferior or cheaper trip or accommodation is offered we will refund the difference.

13. Changes to price due to increased tax rules etc

Price guarantee. Once you have made the booking the price is fully guaranteed and will not be subject to any additional surcharges. The prices at Vulkan Travel’s website are based upon available information and exchange rates. Vulkan Travel reserves the right to make changes in price before final payment is due according to varying exchange rates, tax rules and similar. After final payment, Vulkan Travel covers any variation in price according to the above-mentioned variables.

Notification about any increases in price must reach the client before the final payment due date. If the price changes make up more than 10% of the original price, the client can cancel the booking.

14. Complaints

Vulkan Travel does its very best to make your stay in Iceland as enjoyable as possible. We strive to meet your expectations of our service. If the traveler wants to file a complaint about the hotel, the car service the excursions – or anything else, please inform the relevant party immediately so the cause can be corrected. If our partner in Iceland cannot solve your problem please contact Vulkan Travel immediately. Any unresolved complaints must be notified to us in writing within 30 days of your return.
The complaint should be e-mailed to info(a)vulkantravel.co.uk


15. Data protection and Card security

All personal data supplied by you as part of your booking is for the purposes of fulfilling the contract between us, and will be retained by us. We will never pass on your information to third parties, other than to fulfil the contract between us. We can use the information to keep you informed of our services and any special offers or deals which we think may be of interest to you. Please inform us at the time of booking if you do not wish us to use your information for this purpose.

16. Card security

When paying by card you only have to state you name, card number, card type, the card expiry date and the CVC-code. The CVC-code is the 3 last digits found in the number on the back of your card.

We collaborate with DIBS (www.dibs.se ) , so your data is encrypted in line with international standards (SSL). This so you can feel safe using your card online with Vulkan Travel. We do not save any card information. The amount payable is immediately deducted at time of payment. Valid cards are Visa and Mastercard/Eurocard.

17. Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode

Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode is a 3D-secure product, the standard needed for secure identification of card customers paying online. The card customer is linked to the card issuer and needs to state a username and a password.


18. Liability

Vulkan Travel/Vulkan Resor AB is not liable for insufficiencies, terminations or changes due to circumstances not foreseeable by the Vulkan Travel at the time the contract became binding. Examples include war, or state of war, natural disasters, epidemics, labor conflict or similar circumstances (force majeure). If a force majeure situation occurs, the organizer has a duty to immediately inform the traveler and take action as far as possible to minimize the loss incurred by the traveler as a result of the incident.

Vulkan Travel require that all clients have their own travel insurance, as clients are on their own responsibility on optional tours, such as riding tours and snow scooter tours.

19. Travel Protection - equivalent to ATOL

Vulkan Travel (Vulkan Resor AB, VAT no: SE556538-268501) has a travel guarantee, travel protection equivalent to ATOL, with Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency (Kammarkollegiet). Vulkan Travels travel guarantee was on the 1. aug 2014: at approximately £760 000 (6 100 000 SEK). The travel guarantee protects the traveler when buying a packaged trip from a tour operator that has guarantees with Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency. This means that you as a customer buying a packaged trip from Vulkan Travel is protected if a travel arrangement is cancelled or interrupted, usually because the operator has gone bankrupt.


Useful links:

Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency

Read about Travel Guarantees

Travel Guarantee for Vulkan Travel


Vulkan Travel is a member of The Association of Swedish Travel Agents (Svenska Resebyråföreningen).

We also have IATA certificate, which means we have the right to issue flight tickets, which means we can give you the customer better and faster service when it comes to flight bookings.


Customer Service, Monday - Friday 7 AM - 4 PM: 0203 630 1199