Horseback Riding Holidays in Iceland

Experience the power of the Icelandic horse in wild surroundings. Saddle up and ride along the ancient bridle paths, cross rivers and enjoy a warm baths at the end of days rich in adventure.


Southern Comfort Summer

Explore the magnificent contrasts in the Icelandic scenery surrounding the Hengill volcano. Glacier rapids, warn streams and unique rock formations abound!

Fr. 1.010 £ 4 nights
May - September, Sundays and Thursdays

Southern Comfort (sep-may)

We ride in the area around the volcano Hengill and see the contrasts of the Icelandic scenery – from the glacial waters of Ölfusá River to the geothermal streams of Reykjadalur.

Fr. 1.066 £ 4 nights
September - May, Daily
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