What We Like About Iceland

Jenny Hartwich

Project Manager

– A magical land like something out of Lord of the Rings. It feels like walking on the moon around the corner from the waterfalls and hot springs. A fantastic landscape!

AnnaCarin Bejegård

Project Manager

– The feeling of "coming home". The clean air, magnificent scenery and crystal clear glacier water. Westfjords with its beauty and desolation is my personal favorite.

Viglundur Gislason

Project Manager

– Great views, clean water and fresh air to breath.

Ulf Nordström

Marketing Manager

– I love the air, and the feeling of air. In a landscape without trees you can see the horizon in the far distance. It´s like a touch of an ocean view on solid ground.

Diana Pajkic

Project Manager

– The nature with all it´s wonders. The volcanoes, waterfalls, rocky beaches and black lava sand. A vibrant Reykjavík with it´s exquisite dining and fine shopping.

Petra Blomqvist

Finance and Administration

– I have not yet had the opportunity to visit Iceland, so I dream about the food that I only heard of and the nature which I can only imagine.

Benedikt Kristinsson


– Despite increased tourism, Iceland is still one of the best kept secrets in Europe.

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