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Information about our horseback riding tours

Our horseback riding trips

Short tours (8, 9 and 11) – A taste of Iceland. Difficulty Level 1 – 2

These tours are a great way to experience the fascinating and diverse nature of Iceland. These shorter tours are perfect for anyone who wants to experience real horseback riding through the Icelandic wilderness but who does not have the time to embark on a longer trip. Bestseller: 8C. Best of Eldhestar.

8A. Southern comfort, 4 nights.
8B. Southern comfort, 5 nights.
8C. Best of Eldhestar, 5 nights.
9. Around the volcano, 4 nights.
11. Krýsuvik & the blue lagoon, 5 nights.

Long tours (10 and 12–14) – Travel like a real Icelander. Difficulty Level 2 – 3
These longer tours will take you right into the heart of the Icelandic wild. You will have the chance to travel in the same way as Icelanders have done for hundreds of years. We have a large herd of free-running horses that will ride along with us. This means you can ride 2–3 different horses each day. Bestseller: 13. Golden Highlights of the South.

10. Thórsmörk, 5 nights.
12. Thingvellir, 6 nights. 
14. Snaefellsnes, 7 nights.

Wilderness riders (17–20) – You, your horse and the Icelandic wild. Difficulty Level 3 – 4
These three tours are recommended for experienced riders. They are physically demanding but give participants a unique experience that they will remember for many years to come. We offer an exciting adventure across magnificent landscapes in one of Europe’s last frontiers. Bestseller: 18. Landmannalaugar.

17. Landmannalaugar, 7 nights.
19. Sprengisandur, 7 nights.
20. Kjölur, 7 nights.


Difficulty levels

Classification on a four-point scale
1. Beginners – no previous experience required.  
2. Intermediate riders – you can master the walk, trot (or tölt) over medium distances and gallop over shorter distances.
3.Good riders – you are comfortable on the saddle and can manage all of the different gaits. Riding for up to seven hours per day.
4. Very experienced riders – experienced riders in good physical condition who ride regularly. You are comfortable in the saddle and can master all of the gaits. Riding for seven hours or more each day.

Riders are responsible for judging their own abilities and conditions for themselves. If you are in any doubt as to which riding tours are suitable for you, please contact Vulkan travel prior to booking.



Transport to and from Reykjavík is included with all of our tours.
Guests will be collected from the Bus Terminal in Reykjavík at 17:30–18:00 on their day of arrival.
On the first evening guests will enjoy a dinner and receive some information ahead of the tour. Riding will begin on the following day.
The tours will be led by English-speaking guides.
It will be possible to charge your phones and cameras during the tour.
Do not pack any large or bulky bags as we have limited space in our trailer.
If you need to bring along any additional baggage for your continued travels either before or after the tour, you can store these at Hotel Eldhestar.



Tours 8 – 9

Hotel accommodation at Hotel Eldhestar or another hotel in the local area.
Full board for the whole duration of your stay comprising of breakfast, a lighter pack lunch and a three-course dinner.
Dinner is not included on the last evening.

Tours 10 – 20

Accommodation in cabins, guest houses and community centres.
Participants will sleep in sleeping bags on some nights. This means that you will need to bring your own sleeping bag, sheets and a small pillow.
Full board for the whole duration of your stay comprising of homemade Icelandic fare.
Dinner is not included on the last evening.



You need to bring:

  • Warm clothes
  • Riding trousers or other tight fitting trousers (two pairs).
  • Thin hat to wear under your helmet.
  • Belt bag for small items (camera/phone). No rucksacks!
  • Swimwear and a towel
  • Riding or hiking books with thick soles and heels. High riding boots can become uncomfortable.
  • Sun cream.
  • Sunglasses to protect your sun from dust and sand.
  • Insect netting is recommended. Available for purchase at Hotel Eldhestar.
  • Comfortable clothes and shoes to change into in the evening after riding.
  • Ordinary clothing for the last evening in Reykjavík.
  • Sleeping bag for tours 10 – 20. Be sure to also take sheets and a small pillow.
  • Travel insurance.

Things you can borrow on site:

  • Helmets.
  • Winter overalls in the colder months.
  • Rubber boots (limited supply).
  • Rain clothes.



In order to protect our Icelandic horses from illness there are certain restrictions regarding what riding equipment can be brought into Iceland. If you are planning to take your own riding clothes or any other equipment that has been used outside of Iceland then you must first check to ensure it is permitted and read up on how to disinfect anything that you plan on taking with you.

The following items may NOT be brought to Iceland!

  • Saddle
  • Bridle
  • Muzzle
  • Noseband
  • Pads, etc.
  • Riding gloves or any other equipment made from leather

Disinfecting your equipment – help protect the Icelandic horse from disease!

  • Used riding gear and shoes must be washed in the washing machine (minimum temperature of 40°C) or dry cleaned before being brought to Iceland.
  • Used riding gear or shoes which cannot be washed in the washing machine or dry cleaned must be disinfected before being brought to Iceland.

Disinfect as follows:

  • Thoroughly rinse your riding gear/clothes with detergent.
  • Leave to dry.
  • Spray the clothing/shoes with 1% VirkonS (10 grams per litre of water).
  • After disinfection, the clothing/shoes must then be stored away for at least five days before they are brought into contact with the Icelandic horse.

We hope to count on your understanding in these important precautionary measures! It is important that we prevent any infectious animal diseases such as rabies or foot-and-mouth from being brought over to Iceland as this would represent a major risk to the Icelandic horse. These provisions are in place to protect Icelandic animal life. Please help us to protect Iceland’s sensitive wildlife! For more information, visit www.mast.is



Consider taking out travel insurance before departure. Note that all riding is at your own risk. As with all other trips within the EEA, be sure to bring along your European Health Insurance Card in case you should fall ill and require medical attention./p>