Godafoss in sunset, Iceland.

Best time to visit Iceland

Are you planning a trip to Iceland, but you are not sure when it is the best time to visit Iceland? Don´t worry. We are here to help you decide when it is the best time for you to visit this otherworldly small country in the north. 

Hopefully, after reading, you can easily decide when to visit Iceland, depending on your interests, budget, and travel style. One thing we do know for sure is that no matter what season you choose, Iceland will delight you!

Visiting Iceland is always a good idea, but it all depends on what you want to see and do in Iceland. When deciding the best time to visit Iceland, it can be helpful to think about the purpose of your visit to Iceland before picking the season. What are you coming to Iceland to do? Sightseeing, ice caving, hiking a glacier, whale watching, or venturing a 4x4 drive in the highlands? Do you want to hunt the Northern Light or experience the Midsummer Light?

You can go to Iceland at any time of the year because every season has its charm and perks. From June to August, days are long and if you are a whale watching enthusiast or wanna hike in the highlands, summer is the best time to go to Iceland. Keen to experience an ice cave, snowy landscapes on a snowmobile? Then winter is your best bet, while spring brings the most lively rivers and is the best time for spotting cute puffins. For many people, autumn is the best season to visit Iceland since you still can do a lot of outdoor activities before the winter arrives and the prices are lower than in summer.

Infographic: Best time to visit Iceland

With our infographic, you´ll get an overview of each month: the daylight hours, the maximum and minimum temperature, the most popular activities, sights and places to visit.

Iceland is an all-year destination

Icelandic horse in Iceland.

Even if some activities are season-related and some off-the-beaten-track sights are only accessible in summer, Iceland is definite an all-year destination. There are a lot of things you can do all year. You can hike a glacier, ride an Icelandic horse, go caving in lava caves, snorkel, or dive between the tectonic plates in the Silfra fissure all year around. Are you looking for something extraordinary? Go for a helicopter ride. Imagine seeing Iceland's glaciers, black beaches, lava fields, and volcanoes from above. Simply amazing! That is not all. Go snowmobiling on a glacier, visit the filming locations for Game of Thrones, do a Golden Circle self-drive or guided tour, bath in hot geothermal rivers or ride a super jeep. 

Along with the season, the landscapes, the light, and the atmosphere change. That's why your experience in Iceland will be completely different each time you visit Iceland. It is the beauty of Iceland. It is a destination that you can go to all year round, but also a destination that attracts visitors to come back for a second, third, or more visits.