Landmannalaugur and Hekla by Super Jeep


We leave Reykjavík and drive east, through the lush farmland of Southern Iceland. The snow-clad top of Hekla, 1491 meters above sea level and Iceland’s most famous volcano, will appear as we drive. Hekla was thought to be the entrance to hell in the middle ages.

The rich vegetation and the lave surroundings create a spectacular and colourful frame for the volcano. Hekla has had outbursts approximately 20 times since Iceland was formed, and we drive up close to the ridge of the lava created by the latest outbreak in 2000. Weather permitting we also drive along the edge of the volcano at around 900 meters for a breathtaking view.

From the base of the volcano we drive along a rough mountain road, over lava fields and past craters. We travel on into Landmannalaugar, where our specially built super jeep takes us over little streams and rivers with ease. We also stop and take a relaxing dip in a warm spring/stream, or for those who don’t want to bath a short stroll in the beautiful surroundings is just as nice.

Leaving the highlands, we visit the explosion crater Ljótipollur, before we drive into the beautiful valley Thjórsárdalur. There is a break for coffee at the mountain hotel Hrauneyjar before we visit the waterfall Hjálparfoss. From there we return to Reykjavík.

Price 2019 - 2020 | Jun - Sep £ 270

Duration: 9-10 hours.
Period: 12 june - 30 september, varying weekdays.
Optional extras: Bathing in the warm springs in Landmannalaugar.

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12 june - 30 september
Varying weekdays
9-10 hours
Customer Service, Monday - Friday 7 AM - 4 PM: 0203 630 1199