Wonders of the Vestman Islands - Puffins, Volcano & Eldheimar Museum


Vestmannaeyjar islands, or "Westman Islands" as it translates in English, are a small volcanic archipelago off the south coast of Iceland that came to international attention in 1973 when Icelanders battled to prevent lava from the volcano Mt. Eldfell blocking Heimaey's harbour and devastating a town of 4.000 people.

The eruption created a 700 ft.high mountain that spewed lava and ash destroying almost 400 homes and businesses, a third of all buildings on Heimaey island. While the eruption lasted no one knew if the island would ever be populated again.

This tour takes you from Reykjavik across the southern lowlands of Iceland to Landeyjahöfn harbour and with a ferry to Vesmannaeyjar island where a local guide will take you around Heimaey island. You will visit the puffin nesting area in Stórhöfði promontory and the Eldheimar musuem.

After a lunch break there is a boat cruise where you'll explore colourful ocean cave,s watch thousands of sea birds and, if in luck, a groups of whales. Returning from the boat tour, you get to enjoy instrumental music in the natural echo of the ocean cave Klettshellir.

The ferry takes you back to the mainland, where our bus is waiting to take you back to Reykjavik.

Price 2017 | may - sep £ 209

Included: Pick-up for major hotels and guest houses in Reykjavik. Round-trip transportation. Professional tour guide. Entrance fee to Eldheimar volcano museum. Boat tour in Vestmannaeyjar.
Duration: 14 hours. 
Period: 15 May – 15 Sep; varying weekdays.
Childrens prices:  Children under 7 years enter for free. Children under 16 years are given 50% discount.
Other info: Meals and drinks ar not included.

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Wonders of the Vestman Islands - Puffins, Volcano & Eldheimar Museum
14 hours
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