Horseback Riding on Icelandic horses

We have riding trips for riders of all abilities, from beginners to experienced riders.

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Riding - The Siggi Tour

A nice surprise trip based on weather conditions and the participant’s previous riding experience. The ride explores the area around Eldhestar farm for 1.5 – 2 hours.

Fr. 69 £ 4,5-5 hours

Riding - The Heritage Tour

A ride over meadows and lava fields, into the heritage farmland of Iceland during the last century. Lovely paths let you try out the Icelandic horse’s ”tølt”, a unique way of moving over Icelandic terrain.

Fr. 75 £ 4,5-5 timer

The Elf Tour

Ride through the landscape inhabited by nature's mystical Icelandic creatures, like elves!

Fr. 82 £ 4,5-5 hours

Soft River Banks

Ride along the river Ölfusá, past a 700 year old burial ground and further into the meadows!

Fr. 97 £ 4,5-5 hours

Horses & Hot Springs

Experience a variety of scenery and impressions! We ride on excellent riding trails along the slopes of Reykjafjall mountain and through a green forest.

Fr. 92 £ 5 hours

Riding & Relaxation

Spend a relaxed day in the countryside! Enjoy a 3-hours horseriding tour and soften up in a warm, soothing geothermal pool.

Fr. 120 £ 9-9,5 hours
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