Nature and History Excursions from Reykjavík

Few places in the world compare to Iceland when it comes to extraordinary and accessible scenery and wildlife. We offer excursions using coach, boat or plane to get you as close to the Icelandic fauna as possible, as well as getting to know big animals like killer whale and the blue whale intimately! Experience beautiful scenery that leave lasting impressions, and visit places where not only Iceland’s history was made, but also the rest of the Nordic countries.

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The Golden Circle

A classic Icelandic excursion, where you get to experience Iceland’s most famous attractions all in one day. Explore the natural phenomenon of Iceland like the natural hot springs of Geysir, and the mighty waterfall Gullfoss.

Fr. 45 £ 8 hours

Inside the Volcano

Grab the opportunity to experience the inside of volcano Thrihnukagigu.

Fr. 321 £ 5 hours

The Blue Lagoon

The famous Blue Lagoon is like an oasis in the middle of a large lava covered area outside Reykjavík. The warm water *(36–39 ºC) can be enjoyed any time of year.

Fr. 116 £ 3-6 hours

Whale Watching

Welcome aboard on one of the largest and fastest Whale Watching passenger boats in Iceland. The boats offer great comfort, a fantastic interior, large outside viewing decks and a safe family environment.

Fr. 78 £ 3 hours

Whale Watching Express

You and your company will be taken on a boat trip to the whale watching area, which is located 20-30 minutes outside Reykjavik. The boat offers great comfort, large outside viewing decks and a safe family environment.

Fr. 78 £ 2-3,5 hours

Whale Watching on RIB

We welcome you on an adventurous whale watching experience with RIB boat. Our 12-meter-long boat allows us to get very close to the animals in a way that’s extra safe for both our passengers and the whales.

Fr. 122 £ 2 hours

The Northern Lights Tour

Hunt down the Northern Lights out in the countryside away from the light pollution of the city!

Fr. 38 £ 3 hours

Golden Circle Special by Super Jeep

Explore Thingvellir, where the world’s first parliament assembled and where the North American and European continental plates meet, and the hot springs of Geysir, and even a glacier snowmobile ride or walk! All by super jeep!

Fr. 250 £ 8-9 hours

Reykjavík City Tour

Soak up Reykjavik’s charming and lively atmosphere by foot and coach.

Fr. 32 £ 3 hours


Discover the hidden underworld beneath the lava at Bláfjöll, only 25 minutes outside Reykjavík.

Fr. 84 £ 2-3 hours

Riding - The Siggi Tour

A nice surprise trip based on weather conditions and the participant’s previous riding experience. The ride explores the area around Eldhestar farm for 1.5 – 2 hours.

Fr. 69 £ 4,5-5 hours

Blue Ice

Grab the chance to explore the glacier Solheimajökull!

Fr. 166 £ 9 hours

Northern Lights by Boat

Just imagine sailing out towards the unknown in search for the Northern Lights with their brilliant colours flashing across the evening sky.

Fr. 78 £ 2-3 hours

Puffin Express

This tour is for you who wants to get a closer look at the famous puffin birds.

Fr. 52 £ 1 hour

U-drive South Coast & Glaciers

On this amazing adventure you don’t just get to explore the incredible surroundings of the South Coast of Iceland and it's black lava sand beaches, but you get to drive the super jeep!

Fr. 832 £ 10-11 hours

Warm Baths and Northern Lights

While nature prepares to colour the sky with magical Northern Lights, you can relax and get energized in the open-air geothermal baths at the Fontana Spa.

Fr. 115 £ 7 hours

The Golden Circle Express

An afternoon covering some of Iceland’s most famous attractions.

Fr. 41 £ 6 hours

Transfer via the Blue Lagoon

An unforgettable start or end to your Iceland experience is a relaxing bath in the famous Blue Lagoon. The lagoon resembles an oasis in the middle of an area covered in lava between Reykjavík and Keflavík airport.

Fr. 128 £ 3-6 hours

South Shore Adventure

In Southern Iceland you will experience lush fields, mighty waterfalls, glaciers and charming villages.

Fr. 65 £ 10 hours

ATV - Twin Peaks

How do you improve a quad biking mountain adventure? Add another mountain! That means more ATV time, more terrains, and more breathtaking mountain views.

Fr. 168 £ 3-3,5 hours
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