Active Excursions from Reykjavík

If you are looking for an active and adventurous experience in Iceland, then this is the right starting point for you. Iceland’s geography, wilderness and climate are all ideal for water sports like rafting and kayaking, but also for trekking and action packed excursions in 4-wheel drive vehicles or on snowmobiles. Experience powerful rivers and waterfalls, bendy lava caves or impressive glaciers alongside experienced guides, while getting to grips with all the activities Iceland has to offer.

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Discover the hidden underworld beneath the lava at Bláfjöll, only 25 minutes outside Reykjavík.

Fr. 75 £ 2-3 hours

Blue Ice

Grab the chance to explore the glacier Solheimajökull!

Fr. 190 £ 9 hours

Inside the Volcano

Grab the opportunity to experience the inside of volcano Thrihnukagigu.

Fr. 332 £ 5 hours

ATV - Twin Peaks

How do you improve a quad biking mountain adventure? Add another mountain! That means more ATV time, more terrains, and more breathtaking mountain views.

Fr. 181 £ 3-3,5 hours

Caving & Golden Circle

Sightseeing tour with interesting insights into how Iceland was once formed, including some of Iceland’s most famous natural phenomenon.

Fr. 114 £ 10 hours

ATV & Caving

Drive a quad bike and explore magical lave caves under the Tvibollahraun lave field.

Fr. 185 £ 6 hours

Snorkeling in Silfra

Snorkelling in Thingvallavatn is an exotic experience most people can only dream of!

Fr. 192 £ 4 - 5 hours

Hot Spring Hunt

This half-day trip is ideal for anyone wanting to experience the Icelandic scenery on foot!

Fr. 112 £ 6 hours

Walk through Ice and Fire

This excursion combines two of Iceland’s natural highlights - Hot springs and glaciers!

Fr. 242 £ 11 hours

Rafting Fun

Nobody should leave Iceland without experiencing the power of the River Hvítá!

Fr. 144 £ 7-8 hours

Whale Watching & Rafting

Our vessels get up close to the whales in their natural habitat within a 20-minute journey out of Reykjavík. After seeing the whales and birds, get to grips with the fun filled River Hvítá!

Fr. 206 £ 11 hours

ATV & Rafting

Driving through the lava fields on a quad bike and rafting on the Hvíta river are adventurous ways of exploring the beautiful surroundings!

Fr. 272 £ 11 hours

Golden Circle & Rafting

Classic sightseeing tour to Geysir, Gullfoss and Thingvellir, with rafting adventure in the Hvíta River

Fr. 155 £ 10 hours

ATV - Quad Mad

Take the Quad Mad tour and get your adrenaline pumping! Harness the power of your ATV while you watch the countryside change into wilderness.

Fr. 227 £ 4,5-5 hours

ATV & Golden Circle

Cross Iceland’s fascinating volcanic landscapes in a quad bike before having a classic tour of the Golden Circle with visits to the Gullfoss waterfall, Geysir and Thingvellir.

Fr. 197 £ 10-11 hours

Buggy Safari

Buggy car trips are the very latest within terrain driving in Iceland. Bring a friend on this speedy adrenalin filled experience, where your inner child is let loose.

Fr. 178 £ 2-2,5 hours

ATV & Whale Watching on RIB

Explore the mountains surrounding Reykjavik by quad bike and experience the exhilaration of speed on your whale watching jet boat adventure.

Fr. 310 £ 15. Aug – 31. Aug

ATV & Whale Watching

Go on a quad bike adventure through the Icelandic wilderness and enjoy the country’s unspoilt coastline on a whale safari.

Fr. 224 £ 7-8 hours

Hot Springs & Lava Caves

On this tour we take you to the famous Hengill Volcano and into the Icelandic underground!

Fr. 189 £ 7 hours

Horses and Glaciers

Ride a beautiful Icelandic horse and go trekking on the Solheimajökull glacier – all in one day!

Fr. 263 £ 11 hours
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