Iceland Holidays and Reykjavik 2017

On this page you can find all our ready packaged Iceland holidays. To make it simple, you can sort and search the holidays by season of the year, month or duration of holiday.


Southern Iceland

The south offers some of Iceland’s most famous attractions. This is a fully packed trip where you get to experience the fascinating and varying landscape in a short period of time.

Fr. 610 £ 4/5 nights
Jan - Dec. Daily

Flight + Hotel

Decide yourself what hotel you want to stay at, the number of nights you need, flights and excursions. Tailor make you own magical journey in Iceland!

Fr. 231 £ 2 nights
All Year, Daily

Flight + Rental Car

Our hire car package gives you freedom and flexibility, so your holiday can be tailor made to suit your wishes and needs when it comes to accommodation and excursions.

Fr. 183 £ 2 nights
All Year, Daily

Classic Weekend

Classic Weekend offers visits to some of Iceland’s biggest attractions. Kick your holiday off with a dip in the famous Blue Lagoon.

Fr. 494 £ 3-5 nights
All Year, Daily

Iceland Full Circle Express

Follow the “ring road 1” around Iceland, passing many beautiful and fascinating wonders and attractions along the way. One of our most popular holidays during summer.

Fr. 951 £ 7 nights
Apr - Oct. Daily

Blue Lagoon Spa Weekend

Experience Iceland with all your senses! Enjoy a meal at one of Reykjavik’s best restaurants and delve into the warm, turquoise water of the Blue Lagoon.

Fr. 575 £ 3 nights
All Year, Daily

Reykjavík Spa Weekend

Reward yourself with a few days of relaxing bliss! This spa package includes visits to some of Iceland’s finest spas, as well as famous attractions!

Fr. 667 £ 3 nights
All Year, Daily

Iceland Full Circle

Classic road trip around the “ring road 1”, which circles Iceland. Every hour of the journey Iceland’s landscape shows it’s ability to constantly change.

Fr. 1386 £ 10 nights
Apr - Oct. Daily

Southern Iceland and Reykjavík

Combine unique natural wonders with cosmopolitan vibe and 2 days in Reykjavík. This trip gives you magical scenery and a wide range of attractions, culture and restaurants.

Fr. 995 £ 7 nights
Jan - Dec. Daily

Blue Ice Adventures

Active days spent outdoors in Iceland’s spectacular scenery! Experience the famous Blue Lagoon’s warm turquoise water, and walk on the rough glacier surface of Solheimajökull.

Fr. 613 £ 3 nights
All Year, Daily

South and West Iceland

This trip around western and southern Iceland gets you up close to magical landscapes, to thundering and spectacular waterfalls, black lava beaches and lush greenery.

Fr. 939 £ 7 nights
Jan - Dec. Daily

Super Jeep Weekend

An adventurous weekend using Reykjavík as a base! Explore Iceland’s most famous natural phenomena during an action packed Super jeep safari along the Golden Circle.

Fr. 685 £ 3 nights
All Year

Hen/Girls Trips

Get the girls together for some quality time and a well-deserved long weekend in Reykjavík. Enjoy each other’s company, great food and drink, as well as some of Reykjavik’s excellent spas.

All Year, Daily

Tailor Made Holidays to Iceland

Creating you dream holiday is easy. The possibilities are endless and limitations few. Our knowledgeable customer advisors help you build your dream journey at no extra cost.

All Year, Daily

Southern Comfort Summer

Explore the magnificent contrasts in the Icelandic scenery surrounding the Hengill volcano. Glacier rapids, warn streams and unique rock formations abound!

Fr. 1.071 £ 4 nights
May - September, Sundays and Thursdays

Southern Comfort Summer Extended

Explore the magnificent contrasts in the Icelandic scenery surrounding the Hengill volcano. Glacier rapids, warn streams and unique rock formations abound!

Fr. 1371 £ 5 nights
May - September, Daily

Stag/Boys Trips

Get your mates together for an adventurous weekend in Iceland. We tailor make you trip and make sure you experience exciting excursions and activities and enjoy a nice hotel.

All Year, Daily
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