Flight + Rental Car

Our hire car packages give you freedom and flexibility, meaning your holiday can be tailor made to suit your wishes and needs when it comes to accommodation and excursions. Travelling by car in Iceland lets you experience the beautiful scenery and the historical attractions, as well as the friendly people and exciting activities available, all in your own time.

This package includes

  • Flights to/from Iceland including tax and luggage.
  • Hire car for 2 – 21 days, inc Excess Reduction Cover and unlimited mileage.
  • Personal service from our knowledgably consultants.
  • Travel protection equivalent to ATOL, through Kammarkollegiet, the Swedish statutory travel protection.


All year, daily.

Direct flights from Belfast (BHD), Bristol (BRS), Edinburgh (EDI), London Gatwick (LGW), London Heathrow (LHR), London Luton (LTN), Glasgow (GLA) and Manchester (MAN). Connecting flights from other airports in the UK also available.

Optional Add-Ons

• Hotel in Reykjavík
• Hotel outside Reykjavík
• Excursions and activities in/from Reykjavík
• Cancellation insurance if illness occurs.

Paid on site

• An airport parking fee of approximately £ 30 - needs to be paid upon hire car pick-up from Keflavík Airport.
• Petrol prices are similar to those in the UK.

Price information

The price is per person. The prices are based on a Toyota Yaris (5-door) hire car. Our “from prices” always give you the best available price according to the dates given. Prices vary according to date and season, so it might be a good idea to search several different dates to get the best price.

Fr. 247 £ 2 nights
15 May-30 Sep fr. £ 269
01 Oct-31 Dec fr. £ 278
01 Jan-31 Mar fr. £ 247

Possible addons

Length (h)

The Blue Lagoon


The famous Blue Lagoon resembles an oasis in the middle of an area covered in lava just outside Reykjavík. The warm,  geothermically heated and mineral rich water can be enjoyed all year round. The Blue Lagoon gets its water directly from geothermic springs that run over 2000 meters below the surface, thus keeping the temperature at a comfortable 36-39 degrees Celsius whatever the season.

There is also an indoor lagoon and a geothermic sauna in place, should you want a roof over your head, and the water’s naturally active salts and green algae will help you de-stress from the pressure of everyday life. The white KIS-mud gently cleanses and revitalizes your skin, while the blue-green algae nourishes and softens it. The mineral salts have a relaxing and balancing effect for both body and soul

Price 2019 | £ 120

Included: Comfort entry to the Blue Lagoon. Transfer from Keflavík airport to the Blue Lagoon, then onto the hotel in Reykjavík or to Reykjavík Buss Terminal (BSI).

Duration: 3-6 hours
Other info: Not a guided tour.

From Reykjavík bus terminal (BSI) to the Blue Lagoon:

Pick-up from the hotel: 0–30 minutes before departure time.
Transfer arrives at the Blue Lagoon approx. 45 minutes after departure.

From the Blue Lagoon to Reykjavik:

Arrives in Reykjavik approx. 45 minutes after departure.

From Keflavík airport to the Blue Lagoon:

Arrives at the Blue Lagoon approx. 20 minutes after departure.

From the Blue Lagoon to Keflavík airport:

Arrives Keflavík airport approx. 20 minutes after departure.


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All year
Daily, see schedule
3-6 hours



Lava Caving Adventure

Delve into a hidden world under the lava on the surface near Bláfjöll; only 25 minutes drive from Reykjavík. To walk beneath the surface of the Earth in the lava caves and tunnels is an extraordinary experience. You will be able to see magical rock formations from the latest volcanic eruptions, and in the winter the caves are filled with sparkling icicles of all shapes and sizes. - An unforgettable sight. The experience involves some crawling to get underneath the surface, so bring suitable shoes/boots and gloves. This underworld journey is an adventure if you are not afraid of the dark and want to get a real insight into how Iceland was formed.

Price 2019 | £ 68

Included: Helmet with head torch. Guiding in English. Pick up from hotel in Reykjavík.
Duration: 2–3 hours.
Period: Year round: daily, 1 PM.
Difficulty rating: Easy, 2 out of 5
Age limit: 10 years old.
Minimum: 2 persons.
Other info: Bring warm and robust clothing, waterproof jacket and trousers, hat, gloves and good trekking boots.

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All year
2-3 hours

Whale Watching


Welcome aboard on one of the largest and fastest Whale Watching passenger boats in Iceland. The boats offer great comfort, a fantastic interior, large outside viewing decks and a safe family environment. The friendly guides, along with the captain and crew, point out where to spot the whales and give interesting information about the different kinds of whales and seabirds you can expect to see. The whales that we can spot on our tours on Faxaflói Bay are mainly 4 types – Minke Whales, White-Beaked Dolphins, Harbour Porpoises and Humpback Whales. We follow IceWhale’s code of conduct for responsible whale watching as we have great respect for the wildlife in the bay. We let the animals approach us and keep our distance so that we do not disturb their daily routine. On the boat you have access to Wi-fi, café, toilet and a souvenir shop.


Price 2019 | £ 75


• Guided boat tour.
• Warm floatable overalls for your comfort and safety.
• Free ticket to try again in case of no sightings!

Tour details:

• All year, daily.
• Duration: 3-3,5 hours.


• Pickup in Reykjavik.

Clothes and equipment:

We recommend warm clothes and good footwear. Dont forget your camera!

Additional information:

The tour is dependent on weather and sightings cannot be guaranteed. In case of no sightings you will be offered a free ticket to try again.

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All year
3 hours

The Golden Circle


The trip around "The Golden Circle" is an Icelandic classic where you get to experience some of the countrie's most famous attractions all in one day. Explore the natural phenomenon like the hot springs at Geysir, and the mighty waterfall Gullfoss.

Our first stop is Gullfoss, "the golden waterfall", which is by many judged as the most beautiful in Iceland. The waterfall has two stages, and it's possible to get close up to the mighty water cascading over the ledges into the ravine below.

The geothermic springs of Geysir are very near Gullfoss. This area boasts Iceland’s most active geysir, Strokkur. Strokkur regularly bursts its majestic column of hot water into the sky every five minutes, so you will have several opportunities to experience this majestic sight. Stroll amongst bubbling mud puddles and steaming hot springs – and really feel the power of the Earth under your feet.

The UNESCO world heritage site of Thingvellir national park is our next stop. The world’s oldest parliament, Alltinget, was assembled here as early as around year 900, and this is also where the European and American continental plates meet. At Thingvellir the escarpment that is caused by the two plates slowly parting can be seen very clearly. After this visit we return to Reykjavík.

Price 2019 | £ 49

Included: Guiding in English, (also Scandinavian on Fridays). Pick-up from your hotel in Reykjavík. 
Duration: 8 hours.
Period: All year, daily.
Other info: Lunch is not included but there will be a stop for lunch.

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All year
8 hours

Blue Ice


Glacier Hiking and Ice Climbing

Grab the chance to experience a glacier up close and personal! This excursion takes you to the tongue of the glacier Solheimajökull. The raw ice and ragged surface of the glacier is forever changing, and exploring the secrets of a crevasse and the spectacular ice formations is an experience you will never forget. You will be able to try your hand at ice climbing and also pass the beautiful waterfall Skógafoss. An excursion like this remains a dream for many, but can be made reality in Iceland.

Price 2019 |  £ 161

Included: Glacier equipment. Guiding in English. Pick/up from hotel in Reykjavík.
Difficulty rating: 2 out of 5.
Duration: 11 Hours (of which 3 hours hiking/ice climbing).
Period: All year, daily.
Age limit: 14  (smallest European shoe size 35).
Other info: Bring warm and robust clothing, waterproof jacket and trouser, trekking boots, hat and gloves.

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All Year
11 hours

Snorkeling in Silfra


Snorkelling in Silfra

It’s not every day you get the chance to swim between two continental plates, but on this trip, that is exactly what’s on offer. The World Heritage Þingvellir National Park is home to the water-filled Silfra Fissure, where crystal clear glacial water offers a magical snorkelling experience between the Eurasian and North American continental plates. From above, the Silfra Fissure looks like any other body of water, but under the surface you can discover strange rock formations on both sides, with many sections bearing rather descriptive names (how about swimming past the Silfra Cathedral, for example?). A knowledgeable guide will make sure you get a warm dry suit that will protect you against the cold water, and they will also give you a thorough run-through on how to dive before you hop in. If you have a waterproof camera then we recommend that you take it along – photo opportunities like this don’t come along all that often!

In order to participate on this excursion, you need to read through the snorkeling handbook below. The handbook contains some useful tips and information, and also lists medical requirements that you need to meet in order to go on the excursion. 
Snorkeling handbook: Snorkeling handbook 

Price 2019 | £ 136

Included: Snorkelling in the Thingvalla lake with intructor. Snorkelling equipment. Guiding in English. Pick-up in Reykjavik. Entrance to the Silfra area. Hot chocolate and cookies.

Period: All year, daily.
Duration: 5 hours (45 min snorkeling).
Difficulty rating: 3 out of 5.

Age limit: Min.12 years and Max. 65 years.

- Medical Statement - to be read and signed by each participant.
- Be at least 150cm tall and not more than 200cm.
​- Weight at least 45kg and not more than 120 kg.
- Be comfortable in water and be able to swim.
- Be physically fit.
- Be ready to wear a sometimes tight & constricting dry suit.
​- Not be pregnant

Other info: This tour is also available as the Diving Silfra Day Tour. Snorkelers and divers can be on tour together. Bring swim wear and a towel, warm wool socks and a change of clothes. During the winter months it can get cold.

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All year
5 hours

The Wonders of Snæfellsnes


The Snæfellsnes peninsula in western Iceland is a place shrouded in mystery. The sleeping and glacier covered volcano Snæfellsnes overlooks the peninsula, surrounded by landscape formed by the sea and lava. Snæfellsnes has fascinated mankind the world over ever since Jules Verne described the volcano as the ”entrance to the centre of the Earth” in his book ”A Journey to the Centre of the Earth” in 1871.

A coach transfers you to Snæfellsnes and once there we walk from Arnarstapi with it’s many rock formations. After lunch we continue our walk along Djúpalónssandur, a black volcanic beach surrounded by mighty cliffs and mountains. The ”Nybyggermuseet” museum shows us how Iceland as a nation developed, and how its people lived during the course of the centuries. The stories about the first settlers in Iceland are unique, as no other country in the world has such thorough written documentation of the conditions at the time, and of how people lived back then.

Price 2019 | £ 106

Included: Guiding in English. Entry to the maritime museum, Bjarnarhöfn. Pick-up from your hotel in Reykjavík.
Period: All year, varying weekdays.
Duration: 13 hours
Other info: Lunch is not included.

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All year
13 hours

Riding - The Heritage Tour



A ride taking you over meadows and lava fields. Several old farms on our way help us discover how farming has developed during the last century. The riding paths on this trip are perfect for trying out the Icelandic horse’s special skill of "tølt (ambling), a particular way of moving in between a walk and a trot. After the ride guests are invited into the farm (Eldhestar farm) for a cup of coffee or to try our Icelandic specialities or home baked goods. 

Price 2019 | May - Sep £ 70 | Oct - Dec £ 70

Included: 1,5 – 2 hours riding. Pick-up from your hotel in Reykjavík.

Duration: 4,5 – 5 hours.
Period: All year daily at 8.15 AM and 1 PM.
Age restrictions: 7 years old minimum
Other info: Lunch is not included
Note! Helmet and waterproofs are supplied as well as winter overall, rubber boots, socks and gloves in winter.

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All Year
4,5-5 hours
Customer Service, Monday - Friday 7 AM - 4 PM: 0203 630 1199