How to Book

You can book your trip in 2 different ways, either via our website, or by contacting one of our travel consultants on our number 0203 630 1199. We have the same prices and booking fees (£ 5 per booking) whether you book via the website or through our travel consultants.

Booking via our website

Most of our trips can be booked don line through our website. You immediately get a price and availability on these trips.

  • A price and availability search for a package always shows best possible price for the package or product at the time.
  • The booking can be paid by invoice and bank transfer or by credit/debit card.
  • After the booking has been made we send a confirmation email to you.
  • If mistakes occur within the booking, you can always make changes or cancel by contacting, us within the next working day.

Booking via our travel consultants

Our consultants have Iceland as a speciality. They are brilliant at putting together a suitable itinerary at a good price. They can also help you tailor make a special itinerary for a family or a group. You are always welcome to contact us!

When is the booking binding?

A booking becomes binding when the booking deposit is paid, or if you are paying by card, immediately upon making payment. Please be aware that the booking deposit should be paid immediately, at the latest one day after making the booking. If payment has not been made within that time, Iceland Travel reserves the right to cancel your booking. When booking by credit/debit car, your booking becomes binding the next working day.

Change of name

Airlines do not permit the changing of either first or sir names. The rules are very strict on this, and also apply to misspelt names. Some airlines permit a name change for a fee, which varies. Please check the spelling of names twice to make sure they are correct. The name on the ticket must correspond to the name in your passport, or you risk being refused boarding at check-in.

When do the tickets arrive?

After final payment has been made your travel documents will be sent to you. Our goal is that travellers should have their travel documents 14 days prior to departure.
NOTE! If you haven’t received your flight tickets or vouchers 7 days before departure, contact Vulkan Travel immediately. Your booking confirmation is not a valid travel document.

Cancellation fee – Separate booking of rental car or excursion

Time of cancellations                          Separate rental car booking              Separate excursion booking

More than 15 days prior to departure      £10 per rental car                               £10 per product

14 days-48h prior to departure              £ 20 per rental car                               £ 20 per product

Less the 48 h prior to departure             100% of the booking price                   £ 100% of the booking price   


Changes in the booking that entail change of departure date is charged at a fee of £30 per change made, based on the presumption that the trip can still go ahead. By changes is meant changes to one and the same booking.

Cancellations insurance for ill health

We offer cancellation insurance if ill health occurs, and this requires a doctor’s certificate. The cost of the insurance is approx. £40 per person. The cancellation insurance can only be taken out at the time of booking, and should be paid at the same time as your first payment. The insurance is personal and cannot be refunded if the trip is cancelled. Cancellation should take place as soon as possible upon knowledge of non-ability to travel. With the insurance the full price of the trip will be refunded, apart from your excess of £50. This means that you as a traveller is protected against additional costs not stated above. This is valid when illness, accidents or deaths within your close family occurs, as per sections 3.2.1 – 3.2.3 in the general travel terms and conditions.

Upon cancellations:
A doctor’s certificate must clearly state the date of examination of the patient, results and diagnosis, that the illness is acute and that the illness or accidents is a serious obstacle for the traveller to make the trip. Cancellations must occur prior to departure of the trip. Cancellations that needs to be made after office hours (every day from 08.00 16.00) or on Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holidays should be emailed to info(a) Cancellations that arrive with Vulkan Travel after the departure time are not accepted. Travellers cannot cancel the trip if the doctor’s certificate does note state the illness to be acute. Doctor’s certificates must be with Vulkan Travel no more than 7 days after cancellation, or they will not be considered.

How does travel insurance work?

Travel insurance is not included in the price. We do not offer travel insurance; please contact an insurance company individually for this.  Please bring your insurance certificates!


Vulkan Travel/Vulkan Resor AB (556538 - 2685) is a member of Svenska Resebyråföreningen (The Association of Swedish Travel Agents). We also have IATA certificate, which means we have the right to issue flight tickets, which means we can give you the customer better and faster service when it comes to flight bookings.

Vulkan Travel/Vulkan Resor AB has a travel guarantee, travel protection equivalent to ATOL, with Kammarkollegiet (Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency), 1.june 2014: 8 900 000 SEK, approximately £760 000. The travel guarantee protects the traveller when buying a packaged trip from a tour operator that has guarantees with Kammerkollegiet. This means that you as a customer buying a packaged trip from Vulkan Travel is insured if the airline or hotel is declared bankrupt. You are not protected by this guarantee if you only buy flights or only book a hotel.

Customer Service, Monday - Friday 7 AM - 4 PM: 0203 630 1199